Hybrid Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the work of Legal Experts

2. November 2023

Ocos has developed its proprietary Hybrid AI technology in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

Hybrid AI enables the seamless combination of human expert knowledge and artificial intelligence. Its transparent, ethical, and regulatory-compliant Hybrid AI technology solves the major problems posed by ‘Black-Box’ algorithms in high-risk, high-impact decision making. Additionally, highly sensitive data remains secured on private servers.

Ocos was founded by the Zeiner brothers, who are former Quant Consultants and graduates of Oxford and Cambridge. The company is backed by visionary investor Tim Draper and Draper Associates. The technology is trusted by Justice Ministries, courts and law firms for use-cases including (mass) litigation processes, compliance checks, document review and judgment- or contract drafting.

Legal Experts’ challenges with Generative AI

Reliability and Interpretability Issues: ChatGPT and other LLMs essentially function as ‘Black Boxes’. These models lack reliability and interpretability for the legal field, potentially leading to the dissemination of inaccurate or misleading information, known as ‚hallucinations’. [1]

Additionally, the decision-making processes of these models are not revealed, making it impossible for humans to understand, verify, or potentially modify the underlying logic. An increasing number of real-life incidents show that the application of ChatGPT by legal experts can lead to significant lawsuits and harm reputations.[2] [3] [4] [5]

Data Security and Privacy Issues: Legal experts manage highly sensitive data including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), confidential legal documents and trade secrets.

Legal experts run the risk of major violations of data protection laws such as the GDPR, as well as internal company requirements, when applying cloud-based Machine Learning models for their tasks in their cases. [1] [6] [7]

Insufficient Management System Functionalities – ChatGPT and similar tools offer a basic interface rather than a comprehensive software platform. They lack core document and data management capabilities as well robust integrations with external systems and databases.

Hybrid Artificial Intelligence: The Solution for Legal Experts

Intrinsic Transparency and Controllability – Ocos has developed its proprietary Hybrid Artificial Intelligence platform to solve the key concerns associated with ChatGPT and other ‘Black-Box’ methods.

Using this technology, legal experts can verify, control, modify, and trace every decision made by the AI.  Hybrid AI serves to enhance and complement expert decisions while at the same time accelerating tedious manual processes.

Full Compliance – Unlike ChatGPT and most LLMs, the Ocos Software Platform can be hosted either ‚on-premise‘ on a law firm’s private servers, or in a private cloud. This ensures that sensitive data remains within the law firm, enabling the use of AI even under the most stringent internal or regulatory requirements, such as the GDPR and the EU AI Act.

End-to-End Software Platform – Ocos offers a comprehensive end-to-end Software Platform designed to meet the unique workflows of legal experts. Its document management system supports the storage and processing of vast amounts of documents and data. Moreover, Ocos provides APIs to existing databases and third-party software. No data science expertise is required, as Ocos offers a user-friendly, no-code platform that can be customized according to the user’s needs.

Summarized, Hybrid AI is a powerful technology designed to combine the complementary strengths of AI and of legal experts, surpassing the capabilities of either as standalone agents.


About the authors

Christoph Zeiner | CTO, Ocos
m +49 157 38356204

Christoph Zeiner is the Chief Technology Officer at Ocos. He is an expert in Machine Learning Research and Development. Prior to co-founding Ocos, Christoph held diverse roles specializing in AI and Quantitative Consulting, at firms including Oliver Wyman, Deutsche Bank and Munich RE. He is alumnus of the University of Cambridge, holding a Master’s degree in Mathematics.

Daniel Zeiner | CEO, Ocos
m +49 162 7455825

Daniel Zeiner is the Chief Executive Officer at Ocos and is specialized in Tech Regulation and Governance. Before co-founding Ocos, Daniel held positions as Data Science, Risk and Compliance professional at firms including Allianz SE, d-fine and Horvath & Partners. Daniel is alumnus of the University of Oxford, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, and he is a certified Risk Manager (FRM®).

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